Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Made myself a yummy lunch today!
Swedish oven pancakes* with homemade peach jam and crusty white bread
with cheese and yellow pepper.

Oven pancakes are really easy to make and very yummy.
Make a batter using 2 eggs, 400 ml milk 200ml plain flour and a pinch of salt.
Pour the batter into a greased square pan and stick it in the oven at about 225 degrees
for about 20 mins until browned on top.
I like mine quite thick, it makes it nice and crusty on top and gooey in the middle
but if not, use a largeish pan for a thinner pancake.
Eat with jam/sugar/anything else you'd like!
Any left over are really nice to eat next day cut into smaller chunks and fried up in butter!

yum yum!
sab x

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