Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Flame grilled sunday roast...

On sunday I cooked a sunday roast for my friend Ian as a late birthday dinner.
Well, I use the term "cooked a roast" very loosely here...
My darling brother was coming over after work so we were eating quite late.
I started off by peaking too soon.
You know, when everything is prepared and waiting to be cooked but there's a few
hours left before it can go in the oven.
Then I set fire to a roasting pan!
I got the pan out for the potatoes but instead of putting it on the kitchen counter
in readiness, my brain stopped working and I stuck the empty pan in the preheating oven.
Ordinarily I wouldn't think that should be a problem, right?
I've never heard of pans just bursting into flames?
My theory is that it hadn't been properly cleaned and some dried/burnt on grease,
on the pan, overheated and caught fire...
Either way, after a few minutes I noticed a smell of burning so I went to investigate.
I opened the oven and flames burst out.
Actual huge fiery flames!
Always cool under pressure, I slammed the oven door shut and started screaming Fire! Fire!
James ran into the kitchen to see what the screaming was about and there was a minute or 2
when he kept opening the oven and I kept slamming it shut.
Finally he won the struggle and got the pan out and stuck it in the sink and turned the tap on.
I know you shouldn't put water on burning oil, but remember, there was no actual oil in the pan!
The rubber thing around the oven door was also on fire and he sorted that out.
All the while I was cowering in a corner (litterally) and screaming my head off!
Long story short, the oven didn't really work after that and we ended up slicing the beef and griddlig it and frying the potatoes...
It tasted alright though.
And there was my brilliant cake after!!!

I was a bit surprised at my reaction though...
Screaming?! Hiding in a corner?!
Get a grip woman!!

The flames were huge though...
sab x

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