Saturday, 24 October 2009

Scary stuff, the real world

I've just watched The Truman Show.
That film makes me sad...

But also kind of freaked out.
Where does he go when he climbs through that door?
Is there someone there to meet him?
Where will he live, what will he do?
I mean, it's almost like he's not a real person...
He has no family, no "real life" skills.
I bet it'd be a bit of a shock interacting with "real people"!

It's almost like I want him to stay... He's safe in the show!

Ok, yes I know it's a movie.
It's not real.
But still...

I'm nervous for him!
They need to make a sequel, so I can find out what happened...
Although I bet he'd turn into an alcoholic or something and end up killing himself.
He'd be pretty f****d up wouldn't he?
Yeah, too depressing!

I'm done babbling now.
As you were!
sab x

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Maskrosmorsan said...

Jag älskar den filmen! Men tror du inte att han träffar den där tjejen som han egentligen ville gifta sig med för hon såg väl allt på TV?