Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Order please! Order!

I have lost my phone charger...
Well, maybe not lost, it's somewhere in my room. I just can't find it!
I'm guessing it's in one of the pile's of clothes/stuff/whatever that daily threaten to drown me.
(my sister did this with her camera once, lost it for ages then found it underneath a pile of clothes. Then actually lost it for real when her suitcase was stolen on a train in france...)
My room has gone from being a mess, to piles, to mess and back to piles again, I don't know
how many times now.
It's all part of an ongoing (read never ending) project that I started a (loooooong) while ago.
I decided that my drawers, wardrobe etc were too messy and I couldn't find
anything/didn't have anywhere to put all my stuff.
So I got everything out to organise it.
Then I ran out of steam...
Now it's just escalated beyond control!
The only clothes currently residing in my wardrobe are the ones I never use.
All the other ones are either in the "dirty" pile or the "clean" pile.

The thing is I can't just shove it all in.
No, it needs to be tidy! And organised!
Such is the extent of my OCD that I'd rather live amongst plies of crap then have untidy

I think I need to get help!

Sab x

p.s. I'm now charging my phone through my laptop which means I can't turn it off (sorry Hanna, I lied) so I can't go to bed. And no, I can't just leave it on over night. Boo for wasting energy!

p.p.s. I was going to write a little something about my biggest rolemodel - my mum.
But I'm still working on that... I haven't forgotten mamma!


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Maskrosmorsan said...

Kan det vara ett släktdrag, eller är det miljöpåverkan?