Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm bushed.

I'm shattered.
I'm pooped.
I'm knackered.

It was a long weekend and I haven't quite recovered from it.
Friday was my sis' going away bash which was in many ways an un-paralleled (wow, funny word!) disaster and in many ways really good!
Saturday was spent recovering form the night before and looking for edible food.*
Sunday was the day of my sisters departure. *sob*
Now I'm sad. I miss my sister!
I really shouldn't, it's only been a couple of days, but I think it's the idea of not seeing her for 2 months. And not really talking ot her...
Feels weird.

Today I have not left the house.
Not because I was lazy or anything.
Just beacuse the kids are on half term - so no school run, they were out with friends - I didn't have to take them anywhere and I had lots of ironing to do - kind of an indoor activity.
Still, maybe I should go for a walk or something now that I've finished work.
I hear fresh air and exercise is good for you...

Nope, too tired.

Peace, love and Barack Obama
Sab x

*if the woman preparing your panini decides not only to cut it in half without taking the plastic off first, but also to do it with what must have been a butter knife - leave immediately.

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