Wednesday, 7 October 2009

To chav or not to chav...

I asked my little angel today (he was in a good mood) what he thought about
my piercing.
After a moment's thought he replied: it suit you.
Of course I was overjoyed at this!
He is really the only person whos opinoin matters.
(I should point out that he's a 9 yo boy I look after...)

On the other hand (the story above was on the one hand) I asked him the other day
what he thought about my new, big, black hoop earrings and he said they look a bit chavvy.
Which I thought was a bit rich coming from someone who, if he can get away with it, wears top-to-toe chelsea trackies. And wears socks to bed (that's not really chavvy, but neither is it ok)...
Of course I didn't say that - he is after all nine.
I just hmphed and walked away.

sab x

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