Sunday, 12 September 2010

cold desert

Browsing in Topshop today I came across this jacket. Now, I'm not really allowed to buy things at the mo 'cause that would kinda defeat the whole clearing-out-my-stuff thing I'm in the middle of. But I would like a new autumn/early winter jacket or something. (you know what I mean!) So I was sort of considering this, not too seriously mind - it wasn't cheap, when I noticed a tag that said something along the lines of "Avoid contact with water". I can't remember the exact wording but it sounded like water was a definite no-no. So I turned to a sales person and asked what it meant. She said "it means you can't get it wet" to which I replied "Does that mean rain and stuff as well?" She said she wasn't sure but a bit of rain should be fine, as long as it didn't get soaked.
I'm sorry, but this is Britain. Where, you know, it tends to rain a bit. Any coat you wear in autumn is bound to get wet. Often. And soaked at least a few times. Just the other day I got soaked to my skin in a torrential downpour even though I had an umbrella...
So, I'm not so sure about this jacket anymore. Methinks some more research into the whole rain matter is called for before making any decisions.

I've also found an adorable peacoat in gap that, in a moment of madness, I almost bought. Madness because it's 70-odd quid and I didn't even know I wanted a peacoat until I saw it...
It's terribly cute though and if I was the type of person who spent that kind of money on coats I might only wear a few times I'd buy it. I, however, only really do that with shoes. I'd spend 60/70 smackeroonies on a pair of shoes without batting an eyelid. And they're rarely the sensible kind or, you know, shoes you'd wear regularly. It's usually heels. And I don't wear heals a lot. Only when I go out. And that is something I haven't been doing a lot lately, but that's a whole other story...

I was very good today though. Even though I spent a couple of hours at Westfield (ugh), I managed to resist my urge to buy every cute pair of high heeled shoes I saw. Instead I just got a Stephen King book, a book about crochet and two craft magazines. I had to buy something!
I'm sure there are support groups for people like me...

sab x


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