Friday, 3 September 2010

A few things

1. Getting dressed this morning I decided to wear these tights even though they're full of ladders going up and down the legs. Partly because I'm punk and partly because I love these tights. Admit it, you are all thinking "what a rebel!" and "I wish I could be cool like her!"

2. A couple of weeks ago I wore this skirt for the first time in ages. The other day when I took it out of the washing machine it looked tiny.
"I'm sure it used to bigger that this" I thought to myself looking for the care label. Ah, hand wash only. That might be the problem. Luckily it's one of those "one size fits all" jobby so even though it's lost some elasticity I can still squeeze into it. It's been a while since I shrunk something in the wash and I guess it's lucky it was a skirt since I rarely wear them (but can't seem to stop buying them) so it's unlikely to actually have an effect on my life...

3. This evening I'm munching o Strawberry "liquorice". Being Swedish things like strawberry/raspberry/insert-fruit-flavour-here liquorice annoy me. It isn't liquorice unless it tastes of liquorice! Preferably it should be salty, but that's just my preference really. And I am a bit of a liquorice connoisseur...

4. I still have no idea what's going to happen with this blog. Or even, really, what's happening at the mo'.

sab x

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