Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Swedish Neo-nazi party

Apologies to those of my readers who don't speak/understand Swedish. This is an ad for a Swedish party running in the general election. They are called Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats) and are pretty right wing.

The countdown is the national budget. The person on the left is handling the budget for pensions, the person on the right is handling the budget for immigration. As the budget countdown goes lower and lower two emergency brakes drop down from the ceiling. One with the word pensions, the other with the word immigration. Who will make it there first? The immigrants (to pull the pensions one) or the OAP (to pull the immigration one)?

This is a rough translation of what the voice over is saying:

All politics are about priorities. Now you have a choice. On the 19th of September you can choose between an immigration brake or a pension brake.

Basically the message is "who do you want to spend your hard earned money on, cute little ole' ladies or burqa wearing muslims and all their children?!"

How is one supposed to react to this? Laugh or cry? I laughed. Because it's so crude. And vulgar. And rubbish. I mean, the voice over woman sounds like she might have an IQ of about 5. And really, little ole' lady with a walking aid?! Women wearing burqas and pushing buggies?! A race to get the money?! Not really into subtlety are they?
I'll admit, it also scares me a little bit. Maybe even a whole lot. Because the fact of the matter is it looks like these people might actually get the 4% needed to get into the Swedish parliament... A very frightening thought indeed.
Enough to make you afraid of the dark...

sab x

(This post might be slightly rambling and incoherent. I just wanted to put it up before I forget or lose my momentum. I might go back and change it later. Or I might just leave it as it is.)

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@eloh said...

We all seem to be headed toward a one world government.. at break-neck speed.
Fear is a mighty weapon governments have always used against the people throughout history.... I can't even stand to listen to our daily news anymore... makes me feel hopeless.