Monday, 20 September 2010

Don't count your chickens and all that

Seems I did last night.
No one got majority in the election.
The Sweden Democrats got 20 seats in parliament.
It's a precarious situation.

I really have no words.
I'm sad, angry, ashamed.
I feel like I don't recognise my own country anymore.
Someone posted a comment on a blog that the feeling is similar to what you might feel if you've just found out you were adopted.
To me it feels like I've just found out that what I have, my entire life, thought was a horse turns out to be a cow. Or what I always thought was yellow is, in fact, green.
I guess I should have been prepared, but I just thought Sweden would snap out of it and come to their senses.

This doesn't feel very coherent. And neither, I have a feeling, was my post last night.
So I'm going to link to a blog post that pretty much says what I feel. In a way that I apparently can't.
It is in Swedish but I'm sure clever people can use google translate or something. I don't know.
My brain feels like treacle.

Today I'm wearing black.
It's a day of mourning.

sab x

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