Sunday, 12 September 2010

A few things

The previous post took me ages to write 'cause I kept accidentally deleting the pictures. And then the thing went all weird on my and I couldn't arrange it the way I wanted.

Blogger spellcheck says pea coat is two separate words but on the gap website it says peacoat. So I'm going with that.

Last night I watched all four episodes of Amish: world's squarest teenagers on 4oD. They were so sweet and naive and innocent. And oh my goodness, completely clueless! I just kind of wanted to look after them. You know, make a nice little bed in a shoebox and feel the bits of cookies and pet them. Especially Becky, she was my favourite.

I'm eating peanut M&M's.

Now I'm going to watch Clash of the Titans.

I have no life...

sab x

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