Saturday, 18 September 2010

Diary of a bookworm

The other day I accidentally ordered 6 books from Amazon and apart from freaking out a bit (What the hell happened?! Why did I order so many?! Am I really going to read the Iliad?!) I am quite looking forward to receiving them. I chose the free super saver delivery which according to the website takes 3-5 business days. Amazon are usually quite quick I find and, after having just spent a good amount on the books, I didn't feel like paying for delivery.
So, I just checked my order on the website and it says "Dispatching soon". Now I'm confused. The details state I ordered them on the 16th, they are all in stock and dispatch is estimated for the 20th. I'm sorry, but why does it take that long to put some books in a box and send them off? Four days?! That's 1 1/2 books per day being picked of shelves/out of boxes/whatever storage system they use.
And, yes, I know 2 of those days are the weekend but still! The order was placed on a Thursday, so lets say 2 days and they should have been sent today. And yes post still gets picked up and delivered on Saturdays in this country.
And if they're not going to send your stuff straight away they should tell you. 3-5 business days has all of a sudden turned in to an estimated delivery of 23 Sep - 27 Sep.
I'm not quite sure what this indignation is supposed to achieve. I think I just want to whinge...
I'm annoyed that's all.
I was looking forward to getting my teeth into some of those books next week. Now it turns out I may have a bit of a wait on my hands.

sab x

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