Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Garden adventures

Today was the first time this term that I've had to do the school run and I'm already sick of it...
When I grow up and have kids I'm def having a nanny!

After faffing about with various bits of housework I decided to pull my finger out and pick the tomatoes, that are refusing to ripen, and get going on the chutney.
And guess what I found?!
a RED tomato!!!!

After waiting for so long I had completely given up hope...
When I had a better look I found 3/4 more tomatoes that were on their way...
So I left those and picked all the other green ones.
Popping to the shop, after I've ironed the sheets, to get some stuff I need for the chutney!

Be cool!
Sab x

P.s the tomato was yummylicious!!!

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