Thursday, 17 September 2009

My brother

My brother is gorgeous.
He's charming, funny and clever.
Basically, he's pretty cool!
But more importantly, he's kind, generous, caring and he has a heart of gold.

My brother loves music.
He loves listening to music, talking about music and making music.
My brother makes great music.

This is my brother
My brother has a band, Tender Hooligans.
They rock.
Remember the name because one day they will be big.
You heard it here first!

sab x


lifechick said...

Aww, it's sweet that you have such a great relationship with your brother. I love my brother, but we are too alike, which can lead to conflict. I once left him somewhere (I drove) after an argument, and he had to find his own way home. Poor brother!

sabulous said...

I love him to bits! We're twins so, I like to think, we have a special bond... But we are a very close family in general! Can't imagine your brother ws too happy with you after that?!

sab x

lifechick said...

No, he wasn't! But he got over it, at least. Don't worry though, he's done plenty of annoying things to me, too, so it's all fair lol.