Saturday, 12 September 2009

Panic over!

I have managed to relocate my messenger!
Don't know how or where I found it, just started kind of clicking on things and there it was!
It's now back where it belongs...

I managed to work out who owns the apple tree, apparently it's communal.
Well for the people who live there and part own the communla garden.
But I figured that me being a nanny in such a family and so many apples just rotting on the ground noone would mind me picking some of them...
So I did!
Half a carrier bag full!

Haven't quite decided what to do with them yet, some will probably be made into chutney and I'm thinking of trying my hand at swedish apple sauce!

Also, finished pride and prejudice!
Don't know what I'll do with myself when I run out of Jane Austen novels to read...

So Long!
sab x

1 comment:

lifechick said...

The very book I want to read next. I think what you do when you run out of Austen novels is watch all the screen adaptations (even if you've seen them). I just finished "Lost in Austen", which is what's prompted me to want to read P & P.

And also prompted me to want to do very bad things to Elliot Cowan, but that's another subject altogether. ;)

Anyway, great blog!