Thursday, 3 September 2009

Yummy Plummy Jammy Whammy!

I have become so domesticated... Who would have thought, a couple of years ago,
that I'd find making jam exciting!

Well, we have a plum tree in the garden that noone really takes any notice of.
Every year someone says: look at all the plums, we must eat them all! then we half heartedly
pick a few that sit in the fruit bowl then go off...
So I decided not to let them go to waste this year. And I made plum jam!

It was really easy and turned out so yummy!!!
My sis came over last saturday to try it (and to have sushi which turned into pizza)
and she seemed to like it too.
Of course we also had to have a little photo shoot!

Look how happy I look with my jam!

This saturday me and my lovely little sis are having a jamming session.
It seems the bug is catching!!!

Now my little darling is complaing I'm taking too long
and he wants to try the brownies we made a little while ago...
Then it's back to Sense and Sensibility!

Peace Out!

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