Monday, 21 September 2009

There's a rat in my kitchen...

...what am I gonna do?
I used to love that song when I was little!

Seriously though, there is actually a rat in our kitchen...
The exterminators told us it's probably not a mouse (you'd see the droppings).
We've suspected there's something for a while and have been discussing what to do, traps/poison etc, and now it's been confirmed.
My boss heard it earlier and called in the exterminators, she said it sounded huge!
Then this evening when I was in my room I heard lots of shrieking downstairs and went to see what it was all about.
My boss is standing halfway up the stairs nearly in tears and telling the boy not to let the rat out!
Turns out she'd heard it in the cupboard underneath the sink and now she was scared to go in the kitchen.
I bravely (not really, I'm not scared of rats) had a look and determined the rat was no longer in there, it had probably been scared off by all the screaming.
Found a cardboard box in the recycling which I cut up and sellotaped over the gaps around the pipes etc so it couldn't get back in, then sellotaped the cupboard shut (she wouldn't come back in the kitchen unless I did).
While I was doing this she was on the phone leaving a (rather hysterical) message for the rat killers, as she calls them, saying we can't wait 'til next week they have to come now!!!!

I found all this rather hilarious!
I mean they're kind of gross and all that but it's hardly gonna run at you and attack is it?!

It had been gnawing some cardboard boxes in the cupboard so my guess is there's nest with rat babies somewhere...
She's just now asked me to cover any other gaps, a rat might get into, tomorrow...

And yes, I washed my hands thoroughly after fiddling about in, what's now known as, the rat cupboard...

The drama eh?!

signing off
sab x

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Chester said...

Ohhhh rats!!!! =)