Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The dentist hurted my mouth...

I went to the dentist today...
I was kinda freaked out by my sister having to have her tooth pulled and since I was told nearly a year ago that I needed a filling I thought I should prob get on with that to avoid the same fate!
So, booked myself in.
Now, I hate the dentist...
I don't know why, but it just really freaks me out!
I mean there's the pain and all that, and I don't handle pain well, but that's not it...
I can't stand the sensation when they stick those things in my teeth, those pointy things, it makes me feel nauseuos.
And the smell, eurgh!
And I hate how your mouth feels when it's been numbed.
I don't like having a strangers hands in my mouth and they're face so close to mine (it's the same at the opticians, except for the hands in the mouth thing obviously)!
And the drill, but I think everyone feels the same on that matter...
So yeah, all in all, not something I enjoy.
I break out in a cold sweat and forget to breath.
When I was having my wisdom teeth out a nurse had to sit next to me and remind me to breathe...
But today the little angel I look after was home sick from school so he had to come with me.
Now, I try very hard to be a good rolemodel (well occasionally anyways) and letting him see me freak out at the dentist didn't seem very good.
I think these kinds of behaviours are learned and if he sees important adults in his life being afraid of the dentist, well that fear might be passed on to him.
So I had to play it cool.
I think I did rather well and, considering I love to moan about things, I was rather brave....

I just hope he didn't see my knuckle-whitening grip on the arm rests of the dentist chair.
At least I didn't cry, I have been known to you know...

The numbness has orn off and I'm now munching brownies! Yum!
I made myself a cup of tea when we got back but had to drink it through a straw, it's easy to miss your mouth when you can't feel your lip!

Yours etc
Sab x

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glitterfaith said...

You did a great job of being a role model