Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Kitchen adventures

Well the chutney making went well.
It looks gross, smells gross and is maturing in the cupoard...
I kept exclaiming, as I was making it, how disgusting it was, prompting my darling G to ask why I was making it if I don't like chutney? Well...
1.The thought of all the tomatoes going to waste, after I've spent most of the spring and summer rearing them from seed, annoys me no end!
2. I like making things!
3. I'd like to someday (when I grow up?) be somewhat self suffiecient food wise and this is good practise...
4. I'm sure I'll find someone who'll gladly take it off my hands!

This weekend I'm going to organise all my stuff (no still haven't finished that particular project yet!) then get started on christmas pressies and cards...

Now to lemon slicing!

Sab x

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