Monday, 7 September 2009

living la vida loca

Movie night for me I think... Just went through the dvd's downstairs and found Seven Pounds with Will Smith which I haven't seen... I also brought Stand By Me upstairs. It's a movie I've seen many times as it was a favourite of ours when we were growing up, but it's also one you can watch over and over again... So that's what I have to choose between.
I would say I'll watch them both but I'm itching to start Pride and Prejudice before I go to bed as well!

Was actually hoping to blog mine and sis's jam making session but sice she hasn't emailed me the pics that's just going to have to wait I guess...

See ya laters alligators!


Chester said...

Two contrasting movies there!

I remember Stand By Me though, a brilliant soundtrack to it aswell!

What did you think about Seven Pounds?

I thought it was a good film, not brilliant, but a good film.

sabulous said...

Stand By Me rocks!!!
I actually really liked Seven Pounds, I wasn't sure I would. I think it managed not to be too soppy...
And Will Smith was brilliant in it! For someone who grew up with Fresh Prince it takes some getting used to seeing him in these roles!

sab x